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Time Warner, FORTUNE Magazine, Veronica Whitehead & Co.

Courtesy Veronica Whitehead % Co. 
As part of the Veronica Whitehead & co. team, managed operations for the following:
    • Time Warner Global Leadership Conference, 2005, Puerto Rico, 2004 Boca Raton, FL
    • Time Warner Consumer Insights Forum 2002-2004, New York City
    • Hartford Board of Directors Meeting (2003- NYC, 2002, Tokyo)
    • Warner Music Managing Directors’ Conference 2004, Miami, 2002, Barcelona, Spain
    • MasterCard World Cup Event Cultural Tours 2002, Tokyo, Japan
    • FORTUNE 500 Forum, FORTUNE Global Forum, CIO and CEO Forums, FORTUNE Magazine 1993- 2008

  • Oversight and management of transportation, logistics, communications, office set up and management for these conferences of approximately 300 CEOs in various cities throughout the world.
  • Coordinated production offices, executed budgets, recruited and scheduled 200 volunteers, and provided guest relations for 600 CEOs for the FORTUNE 500 Forum and the FORTUNE Global Forum.
  • Designed and implemented transportation plans for arrivals and departures, recreation and offsite activities. Tasks included staging, coordination with cities, equipment, and staffing for events.
  • Recruited and trained drivers. Developed maps and routes to different venues in a different city every year.
  • Developed Access database to track itineraries, rooming, meals, and recreation for the guests.
  • Managed site visits for clients to choose locations.
  • Negotiated hotel contracts.
  • Managed accommodations for conference guests.
  • Set up offices including work spaces, equipment, phones, and computers.
  • Provided coordination of cell phone and office equipment for 25 staff.
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