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Fiesta San Antonio Commission

  • Managed the organization that produces one of the largest festivals in the country, with over 100 event in 11 days that includes 3.6 million attendees.
  • Implemented the first strategic plan in the organization’s 55 year history.
  • Increased overall income for the organization by 25% within a two year period.
  • Created a new sponsorship program based on feedback from sponsors, with more robust media, custom proposals to meet sponsor’s marketing objectives, ROI measures and detailed recap reports.
  • Increased sponsorship dollars by 70% in 3 years.
  • Obtained 100% renewal of sponsors by the third year.
  • Moved from a local to national platform by including 27 new sponsors including Johnson & Johnson, Nationwide and Kellogg’s.
  • Expanded product mix to have more offerings for the customer.
  • Implemented an online merchandise store.
  • Improved tracking of merchandise through reclassification of prodcuts.
  • Increased festival merchandise and licensing sales by 133% in three years.
Fundraising and Community Outreach
  • Created and developed a mission and programs for the charitable side of the organization.
  • Increased charitable giving by eight times in a six month period through a comprehensive plan for individuals, corporations and foundations.
  • Created internship and leadership program for Miss Fiesta, moving the program from a beauty pageant to an internship program.
Membership and Volunteers
  • Revised communications with members including renewal mailings.
  • Grew membership in the organization by 10% each year for three years.
  • Revised the volunteer program to include activities tied to the strategic plan. Increased the number of volunteers to a five year high and implemented an internship program.
  • Managed and created a branding study and implemented new branding for all aspects of the festival and the organization.
  • Implemented online ticketing for some of the events and increased ticket income by $300,000 in one year.
  • Built public relations on the event from a six week cycle to a ten month cycle.
  • Increased local media coverage by 53% in one year.
  • Moved coverage from a local to an international audience with online stories increasing from 1 billion page views to 4 billion page views in one year.
  • Built social media platforms to engage the audience. Doubled Facebook fans, created an Instagram account with 15,000 fans, doubled Twitter followers in one year, and created a mobile app with 60,000 users in a six week period.
  • Doubled program advertising revenue in three years.
  • Created an advertising co-op for the nonprofits to advertise their event and this resulted in a new income stream for the organization.

  • Implemented a multi-platform marketing strategy that included:
    • broadcast television – network and cable, and developing content for network television news specials and parade broadcasts.
    • radio, utilizing all local and internet media outlets.
    • print mediums, including weekly, alternative and coupon programs.
    • outdoor with bus wraps and digital billboards (where the message could change easily to build excitement).
    • social mediums to engage the festival attendees, including doubling Facebook likes to over 100,000.
    • a new website platform, which saw an increase of users to 700,000 in a 6 week period.
    • mobile app - had 60,000 users download it in its first month.
Events and Recognition
  • Added 20 new events in 3 years.
  • Recognized with over 120 awards in a three year period by the Texas Festivals and Events Association (TFEA) and the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA), including 36 TFEA awards and 24 IFEA awards in 2014.
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